Are you prepared for the move?


We also have a new Neurochangers logo !

This year we have made some new changes with our neurological centre Aim2Walk in Toronto. With many ideas and discussions regarding our name, we have decided to go ahead and change our name to Neurochangers. Our second location in Whitby is also named Neurochangers which made our decision and transition easier. With this going forward we have also amalgamated our blog into our website. Although this Neurochangers blog has been a successful way to create and share information to our readers for the past 5 years, this will be our last post on this site. We ask kindly that you take the time to follow us at our new site where we will continue to share health tips, technology and keep you updated on the latest events and compelling client progress stories. We thank you for your love and support over the past 5 years and we look forward to having you stop by our newest site! Click here to subscribe.

From Aim2Walk’s Neurochangers Family, we thank you!

Free Trial for Robotic Walking Device


Do you need assistance walking? Do you become fatigued easily with walking? You may be the perfect candidate for the Keeogo, an advanced robotic walking device. We recently had a free trial for the device and it was such a great success that we have decided to continue with the free trials. Every other Wednesday we will have a specialist at the clinic conducting FREE trials for anyone interested!


Joe was involved in the Free trials last week and had great success. 

The Keeogo is designed to help people who can walk, walk with more ease and efficiency. Many clients who have had a CVA, find it gives their affected leg the assistance it needs to feel stronger. Our clients with multiple sclerosis tend to get tired very easily, however with the robotic legs they are able to walk a longer distance without needing a rest.

To learn more about the Keeogo, please visit a previous blog called “Meet the Walking Robotic Keeogo”.

Our next FREE Trial will be held April 13th from 3pm-7pm and again April 27th.

If you or someone you know would be a good candidate for the Keeogo, please call to book a FREE appointment at 416-679-9255.
Take a visual look at our client Rick Morelli using the Keeogo while walking upstairs.

Michelle Wolfe, RMT

Stem Cell Experience First Hand.

Davion Resal is back after a month in Panama receiving stem cells which will hopefully help regenerate his spine. As many of you may recall, Davion had a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costly expenses of this international procedure. Davion wanted to share a bit about his time and let everyone know that he had a positive experience.

Before he left, he was walking with a walker for short distances. Since his procedure, he has noticed that he is much stronger and has the endurance to walk for longer periods of time. His main goal was to see some increase in strength and sensation in his right leg which tends to be weaker than his left and he has already started to see a difference! He is noticing more sensation, strength and endurance specifically with his right leg.

It is common for patients who have received stem cell therapy to slowly see gains within the fist two to three months post treatment. Davion must continue to use his legs as much as possible and continue with physiotherapy in order to see the most gains.

He was very happy with the facility that he went to and mentioned that the doctors, nurses and physiotherapists were all very kind and helpful. He met many other patients just like him who are seeing tremendous recovery post stem cell therapy.

When I asked him if he’d go again, he said “definitely.”

Davion, we missed you while you were away but we are also very excited to have you back so that we can push you harder and help you achieve your goals and to watch you get stronger!

Go Dav!!!

Michelle Wolfe, RMT 

See below for more from Davions past two years of therapy at Aim2Walk.