If this earth survives another 200 years, it would be known as the biggest collaboration between countries human species has ever seen.

I recently came across some scary yet extremely important information about the future existence of our planet earth and human kind as we know it. In 2011 Japan experienced the largest earthquake to ever hit Japan. The earthquake shifted the earth on it’s axis causing extreme waves producing a tsunami. This tsunami caused nuclear accidents which continue to pollute the oceans killing marine life. At the time of this horrifying natural disaster Japan claimed they had the clean up efforts under control however the increasing numbers of death and destruction to our oceans and marine life are showing clear signs that Japan has an extremely serious situation on their hands which needs international assistance.

Images from the nuclear power plant just after the tsunami.


During my research I learned more about shocking discoveries of all sorts of marine life dying off due to increase in acidity and decrease in oxygen levels in our waters. Please take a look at the articles below and pass on this information.  If we act now, humans do have the chance to stop the effects of these natural gases omitting into our oceans, however if we don’t act as a nation now, the consequences will be as serious as the extinction of the dinosaurs. One country alone can not pay for the clean up however if we all work together as a nation we can make a difference.

If this earth survives another 200 years, it would be known as the biggest collaboration between countries human species has ever seen.

Rare sea creatures which are not normally seen by humans are appearing dead on the California beaches from unknown causes.


The question is now, what can we do to make a difference?

My intentions are not to scare the world at this possible end to humanity but to inform those to make the difference. Lets write to our government leaders and lets make our fight be know that this is a serious matter that should not be left alone.

The following articles hold various facts about the dying oceans. Please view and pass this on for the world to know. If we don’t stop the pollution we will be alive to see the destruction of the earth.



(youtube video very informative)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFl4lA1-tFE

Have you seen or heard of any ways to make a difference or how we can help? If so we want to know.

Michelle Wolfe, RMT