As I Live and Breathe

Our Tai Chi and Mediation Classes have started back up!  We began with a discussion of the optimal way to breathe then worked on bringing awareness to our breathe.  Here is a chart to give you an understanding of what we touched on.EBF

Mouth Breathing Vs Nose Breathing

– Uses less respiratory muscles and can be related to slouching and muscular tension

– Hypocapnia – reduced carbon dioxide content in alveoli (tiny air sacs in the lungs where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide take place) of the lungs

– Hypocapnic vasoconstriction – constrictions of blood vessels due to carbon dioxide deficiency

– Suppressed Bohr effect – oxygen binding to hemoglobin for transport in the blood

– Reduced oxygenation of cells and tissues of all vital organs of the human body

– Biochemical stress due to cold, dry air entering into the lungs

– Biochemical stress due to dirty air (viruses, bacteria, toxic and harmful chemicals) entering into the lungs

– Possible infections due to absence of the self-immunization effect seen with nose breathing

– Pathological effects due to suppressed nitric oxide utilization, including vasoconstriction (blood vessels get smaller), decreased destruction of parasitic organisms, viruses, and malignant cells (by inactivating their respiratory chain enzymes) in alveoli of the lungs, inflammation in blood vessels, disruption of normal neurotransmission and hormonal effects

– Keeps respiratory muscles healthy

– Delivers nitric oxide produced in various body tissues to lungs, blood, and cells which dilate blood vessels

– Destruction of viruses, parasitic organisms, and malignant cells in the airways and lungs by inactivating their respiratory chain enzymes

– Regulation of binding-release of oxygen to hemoglobin (found in your blood and transports throughout the body)

– Vasodilation of arteries and arterioles (regulation of blood flow or perfusion of tissues)

– Inhibitory effects of inflammation in blood vessels for repair

– Regular hormone secretion

– Neurotransmission in memory, sleeping, learning, feeling pain, and many other processes only possible with nitric oxide

– Humidifies, cleans and warms the incoming air flow using a thin layer of protective mucus

– This thin layer of mucus in the nasal passages moves like a long carpet from the sinuses, bronchi and other internal surfaces towards the stomach where the stomach acid either kills or weakens any invading bacteria

Breathe for Thought:

“Upper chest breathing is most common in those with diseases and illnesses
The textbook, Respiratory Physiology (West, 2000), suggests that the lower 10% of the lungs transports more than 40 ml of oxygen per minute, while the upper 10% of the lungs transports less than 6 ml of oxygen per minute. Hence, the lower parts of the lungs are about 6-7 times more effective in oxygen transport than the top of the lungs due to richer blood supply mostly caused by gravity.”

If you are interested in joining our classes please contact us at or give us a call at 416-679-9255!

Michelle Teves
R.Kin, NeuroChangers Program Director

BasFoMov – The new way to exercise!

You may have noticed cleints around the clinic doing “weird” things, such as this… Dav

or this…


And you may be asking yourself: What on earth do these therapists have their clients doing?

Well let me tell you. Since the beginning of neurochangers, we’ve been working towards building a personal training program that’s based on re-learning what might be referred to as ‘natural movements’. What are natural movements you ask? Well, essentially they’re the fluid and intuitive kind of movements that babies and young children make. In some cases, even the natural movements of animals have inspired us.

After literally years of research on the subject, we sorted through the information and took our ideas to the mat. Experiencing first hand how good this practice feels, we’re not shy telling you that most of our own therapists have taken up the practice as well for their own personal benefit!


Of course naming a program like this presents unique challenges. However after careful consideration, we have agreed upon “BasFoMov”, which stands for Basic Foundational Movements. These movements begin from lying down and move all the way up to standing and walking. The BasFoMov movements are more functional than your traditional gym exercises. They integrate and work your body as a whole and reestablish the practical postures and movements that fill your daily life.

These movements are based on three principals:

1)Restful positions

  • The movements are meant to be relaxing and comfortable. If you are able to relax in a specific position, you have mastered that position and can begin to use it in a routine. Throughout the routines there are restful positions to relax in or continue if you feel comfortable.

2)Natural and efficient

  • The emphasis of this program is not to exercise in the traditional way that leaves your body needing that constant stimulus, but rather teaching you to use your body in a natural and efficient way so that you are able to use your body for more tasks with less fatigue.

3)Re-learning natural body movements

  • Over time, humans have learnt to make things more efficient through technology and unfortunately this has left us lazy and unable to move in natural functional postures. For example, think of a toddler you know learning how to walk. Toddlers naturally over time learn how to get themselves up and start walking around. The ways that they move their legs around and the different angles they place on their joints are necessary to get to the end point.

At the end of the day, the BasFoMov program has been designed to help you become more aware of your natural self. The natural you that can sit, lie, roll, squat, climb, crawl, sway, and of course, rest comfortably. It’s the way nature intended us to be, it’s just that sometimes we need a little extra help figuring out how to get there.

Michelle Teves
R.Kin, Director of NeuroChangers Program

Come join in the fun!

The Every Body Fitness classes were a success and the people have asked for more. So, for the month of August, Aim2Walk will be hosting FREE adapted fitness classes! (Yes that says free, it is not a typo). The photo below has all the information, but if you would like to find out more information please do not hesitate to call the clinic at 416-679-9255.

Free Fitness Class


We look forward to seeing everyone from the last session and look forward to seeing some new faces come through too!

Come get your fitness on!

Michelle Teves
R.Kin, NeuroChangers Program Director