Tangled Art Gallery Launch: Disability Arts opening this May.


You are invited to the official opening of the Tangled Art Gallery! The gallery is showcasing Disability Arts and advancing accessible curatorial practices. This showcase opens on May 4th in Toronto’s iconic arts building, at 401 Richmond. The Canadian artist Persimmon Blackbridge will be the first exhibit. Audiences can expect to engage with art that reshapes understanding of disability, portrayed by artists with disabilities who invigorated the art world. Also at the gallery, is the chance to interact with inclusive technologies that reimagine how we experience art. Let’s support Canadian artists with disabilities and attend the Tangled Art Gallery Launch.

Studio 122 on the main floor of 401 Richmond Building
Opening night: Wednesday, May 4 from 7pm-9pm
Remarks by Blackbridge at 7:30. Light refreshments will be served.

For more details visit: http://tangledarts.org/tag/

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