Taylor, a Canadian national gymnast injured on the bars, see what she’s up to now!

Seven years ago, Taylor Lindsay-Noel was injured in a tragic gymnastic accident which left her unable to use her hands and legs. In the blink of an eye, Taylor went from being a hopeful Olympian athlete to being dependent on the care of others and unable to walk.

IMG_1298When meeting Taylor, you will notice her love for life with her excitement and positive attitude, however, like anyone going through a drastic life altering experience she has went through many hard times. Although talking to friends and family has helped her along her journey, she also found poetry writing to be effective in releasing her thoughts and emotions, those of which few people could ever understand.

Since November 2014, Taylor has been sharing her poetry and thoughts on her Instagram (@taylorln_writes). This is a place where she has learned to let go of insecurities and to write about love, sadness and happiness. Some of her work is based on her own personal experiences, others are related to her friends’ stories along with collaborations from other creative writers around the globe.

The response has been outstanding and she has had the privilege to meet and hear from all kinds of inspiring people who are loving her stories. Now that she has a solid following, she has recently launched her website and released her first podcast, Tea time with Tay. This first podcast is a personal introduction and explanation about her story. Taylor takes you back to the day of her accident and she paints a picture of each step and struggle she had on that life altering day.

We all have our ups and downs in life, but it’s the way we choose to live with those changes and struggles that make us who we are. Taylor has chosen to share her feelings, her struggles and her happiness with the world. She finds excitement in helping others as well as peace when telling her story.

IMG_1299Tea time with Tay is going to be a podcast about a little bit of everything. Honest stories and bantering with her girlfriends and varying guests she has lined up. I highly recommend you taking the time to view her website and to listen to her podcasts. I’ve had the privilege of listening to her and her friends discuss their daily life experiences and it’s definitely worth hearing!

Good luck with the rest of your future and personal goals Taylor! Keep inspiring others with your beautiful words.

Michelle Wolfe

If you or someone you know have a positive story like Taylors, write us and let us know. We’d love to share it with the world.


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