Frustrated by the damaging of wheelchairs on airplanes?


Do you depend on a mobility aid to get around or know someone who does? Many people are concerned about flying in Canada due to the likelihood of their walking aid becoming damaged on the flight. Unfortunately, every flight carries the risk of lost or damaged luggage; however, if it’s a wheelchair or other mobility aid which is damaged, this could result in thousands of dollars and a terrible trip experience.

Canadians are looking to incorporate proper protocols for transporting mobility devices on Canadian aircrafts as well as providing the information to the traveler on how aircraft workers have been trained. Not only will this help improve and lower the risk of broken, dissembled or even lost mobility devices, it will hopefully give peace of mind to many people which will encourage more to travel.

Supporters of this important topic are signing a petition to get their voices heard! Please take the time to support the thousands of people who want to be sure they will be having a safe and carefree flight. Sign the petition in the link below and make the #RealChange.

Michelle Wolfe, RMT


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