What’s one free thing you can do to live a longer life?

What do you do when you’re in an elevator with a stranger? Do you look down at the ground and hope the person doesn’t try to make eye contact? Perhaps you pull out your phone and make yourself look busy. Or maybe you’re like one of the very few people in this current society and you say hello, maybe even engage in conversation. Is it so hard to make eye contact and perhaps give a friendly smile?

Today’s blog post stems from a daily routine I have while traveling up and down 32 floors in the elevator of my Downtown Toronto condo building. I go up and down this elevator every day and I can only count on one hand the number of times I have ridden in the elevator with a stranger and not made eye contact or even acknowledged that another human being was present. It frustrates me to think of all the wonderful conversations and new friends we could have if we only smiled at our fellow human beings on this earth.



I grew up in a small country town where you wave, you smile, you acknowledge the person whether they’re your best friend or a random stranger. You take that second to say hello!

Many studies will tell you how healthy it is to smile. In fact, if you smile, it may help you live a longer happier life.

Lets take that second to make eye contact, wave a hand, say hello or just smile. It’s not only nice to the person receiving the smile, it may also increase the years of your life.

Here’s a fun Ted Talks Video to also help encourage you to smile:

Michelle Wolfe, RMT 


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