Our Party Queen!

DSCF7272Ashley Tedeschi is by far one of our clinics biggest cheerleaders and positive spirits. She is a 26-year-old young woman who is extremely happy and ready to party at anytime. Due to a chromosome issue, she is mentally delayed and has some physical difficulties. Ashley is able to walk with some assistance however you will generally find her seated in her wheelchair. Her mother Gordana is very dedicated to Ashley’s therapy and only wants the best for her daughter. She has Ashley in therapy three days a week to ensure she has the chance to move and stay strong and fit.

If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting this charming young woman, I’m telling you she will make you smile no matter how bad of a day you’ve had. Her laughter is contagious and her energy is inspiring. In the past five years that she has been coming to the clinic, we have seen her get stronger and develop more words and sentences (watch out, she’s started to copy things you say).

We’ve compiled a few of her recent exercises and therapy sessions to share with others how hard she has been working. In one of the clips you will see her crawling. Ashley’s mother actually cried the first time she did this in therapy because crawling was something Ashley could never do as a child. Way to go Ash!!

If you see times of distraction from Ashely in this video, even though I haven’t included sound, she’s probably yelling for JP (our male therapist who she talks about day and night).

A few weeks ago we celebrated Ashley’s birthday. We had a little surprise for for her and caught her excitement on video. Take a look!

Michelle Wolfe, RMT


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