Meet The Walking Robotic Keeogo

The Keeogo is a powered assistive walking device meant to assist individuals with certain types of mobility issues. In case you missed the video that was posted on our social media,IMG_0884 our team of therapists had a blast learning about this new walking device.
Many of our clients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, stroke and other neurological disorders and/or muscle weakness have the ability to walk but can find it very tiring and challenging. The new hi-tech Keeogo can help make these challenging times more manageable. It has sensors at the knee and hip joint that can detect the movement you would like to make and will provide your lower limbs with the assistance needed to ensure you are safe and have enough strength for the task.

I really liked that fact that the device is small and compact and allows you to move in all sorts of positions. From kneeling to sitting, climbing stairs and of course walking, the device has just enough powered assistance to allow you to move freely. Once you make the initial movement, it will give you a supportive push to help you along the way.

Let’s take a visual look:

We will have the Keeogo at the clinic for the next few weeks and will be allowing our clients to try it out. If you are not a client at the clinic, please feel free to call for more information and to book a time to test this new innovative piece of technology.

For questions, please call Aim2Walk at 416-679-9255.
You can also visit our website at to see more of our innovative technology and robotics.

Michelle Wolfe, RMT

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