Walking with a Robot

How do you get the person into the Robot? This is a question that gets asked frequently, especially when someone new comes into our Neurological Rehabilitation Centre.

The Lokomat is a robotic walking machine, designed to help with gait training and neurological re-patterning. Basically, it has robotic legs which help assist the client while they walk on a treadmill. We are very fortunate to have the Lokomat at our clinic to allow our clients to experience a “normal walking pattern” and the visual experience of walking. But how do we get our clients into the Lokomat?

Our therapists start by stretching the client’s legs. This prepares the client for the workout and helps the therapist assess where the client may have some restrictions and where we might need to be cautious when weight bearing.

Next is the harness preparation. Basically the harness is the next best thing to a corset. It hides all unwanted belly fat and gives a nice hour glass figure. Unfortunately, tighter is usually better which can be a bit worrisome for some of our male clients. However, once you’ve been up a time or two, it tends to be just fine.

Then we wheel or walk the client up the ramp and onto the treadmill where we fasten them to what I like to call “the crane”. This raises the client up off the treadmill to allow the therapist to attach the Robotic legs.

There are three separate cuffs for each leg and each cuff is adjustable in size. Once all strapped in, there are adjustments to be made to the legs and feet.

Then it is go time… lowering the client onto the treadmill and raising the speed according to the client’s needs.

Although my description is as visual and award winning as the talented J.K Rowling, we have also made a video to help you see for yourself how the Lokomat set up works. Paul Maneri is our actor in the video along with therapist Lindsay Simpson. If you would like to learn more about the Lokomat or perhaps have an opportunity to try the Lokomat please do not hesitate to call the clinic at 416-679-9255 or email, info@aim2walk.ca

Michelle Wolfe

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