Not only did Juan wake up from a vegetative state but he remembers feeling trapped inside his own body.


(Photograph by Cole Garside of Macleans Magazine)

Today’s blog post is about an Aim2Walk client’s progress story. Juan Torres has been with us since April 2014 and his remarkable experience is unlike any other. Juan’s progress has been outstanding and it shows his determination and drive for recovery while at therapy.

Two years ago, after choking on his own vomit, Juan was diagnosed by doctors as being in a vegetative state. This means, he was unable to speak, eat, and follow commands. His parents were told he would be like this forever, and this is generally true for most people diagnosed as vegetative. For reasons unknown, Juan woke up and astoundingly can recall people and situations that occurred while he was in the vegetative state. Juan has memories of feeling trapped in his own body, unable to talk, move and respond as if he was frozen.

Doctors have said this is a very unique situation and they are amazed that he is awake and seeing tremendous progress.


(Photography by Cole Garside of Macleans Magazine)

Macleans Magazine recently featured an article on Juan and his mind-blowing story. It explains the rarity of his experience and the determination his parents had to try anything to help their son. They explain the hyperbaric oxygen therapy that Juan was doing as well as the different stimulating things they would do to hopefully trigger something to wake him up.

There is also a video that Macleans made to show more about Juan and his story. Although we all know Juan’s story at the clinic, it was incredible to hear in detail the journey Juan and his family have been through. In the video he mentions that while he was unable to communicate he does remember thinking to himself that he was convinced he was going to break through it, so he kept trying. At the end of the video Juan says, “I won’t stop till I can walk.”

Juan, all of us at Aim2Walk are so proud of the determination and dedication you have to heal. We look forward to continue seeing your progress and watching you achieve your goals!

Click the link  here to see Juans story in Macleans as well as the video.

Michelle Wolfe


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