AbleThrive is a website dedicated to helping people with disabilities find high quality content. AbleThrive sources their information from people, organizations and hospitals all over the world to share any content that may provide useful for those living with a disability.

Earlier this year the Founder and Director of AbleThrive, Brittany Martin contacted me to ask if Aim2Walk would like to be the first Canadian organization to join their team. After visiting their site I knew we would be more than happy to join. The site is continually growing and sharing information about many important topics that are relevant to those living with a disability. Many of the stories are also written about real life experiences, which often prove to be more knowledgeable than information you would find in a textbook. You can read positive dating stories, travel tips from all over the world, as well as pregnancy and childbirth from a paraplegic’s point of view. Each article shares real tips on how to live your life well all the while with a disability.

Have a look at the site and sign up for their monthly updates. If you have a story or information you would like to share, feel free to message below and I’d be happy to collaborate with you. Remember, sharing is caring!

Michelle Wolfe

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