The Power of Dance.


Frederico Bitti was healed by the power of dance. A little over 8 years ago, Frederico was diagnosed with Dystonia, a movement disorder affecting different muscles in his body. After years of medical use, Botox injections and drugs, he found out about movement therapies. He came to Toronto and worked with Joaquin Farias to build a program of movements to help strengthen his body and retrain his brain. Frederico used his body as a tool to get to his brain. During his training he began to find changes in both his body movements as well as his self-confidence. One day while walking and listening to music, he began to dance. Right away, he knew he had found something positive which would change his life. He felt like a different person and realized he could be in charge of his body again through the movement of dance.

The Globe and Mail shared a great video of his story titled, “Choosing Madonna over Meds, One Man’s Quest to Walk.” Watch the video below:

The Globe and Mail, Choosing Madonna Over Meds

Frederico also did a great TEDx talk. I’ve watched many TED Talks over the years and I have to say, his definitely has the best ending!

Frederico wonders how powerful it would be if healthcare were to combine, medicine, science, and this new approach, to help those with movement disorders. If only we had the time, resources, the will and strength to listen to the human being in his wholeness, the possibilities would be endless!

I encourage you all to take some time today, and dance!

Michelle Wolfe

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