Super Water to the Rescue!

“The first wealth is health” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This quote is found on the website where you can also find our newest item at our clinic, the Berkey! A powerful, reliable, economical and portable water purifier!

IMG_9833It only makes sense that a healthy clinic should provide healthy water, so we’ve spent a lot of time investigating water purification systems for the clinic.The importance of water is overlooked by many, especially in a modern age where people are always racing around looking for the next big supplement that will change their life. Well stop running around, sit yourself down, kick off those smelly runners, and enjoy a nice glass of this water. Good clean mineralized water is one of the best things on the planet for you.

Berkey started off as a small family operated business in a farming community in Colorado. Now, even Unicef and Red Cross are using the Berkey in disaster areas where clean water is scarce. The purification elements filter out bacteria, viruses, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, foul tastes, odors and many more toxins. The Berkey PF2 filter, which you can add to the filtration system, also filters out fluoride and arsenic.

We’ve been drinking water from the Imperial Berkey at our clinic for over a month now, and all we can say is that it’s amazing! When clients question us on it’s effectiveness, we challenge them to a smell test. A cup of tap water vs a cup of water from the Berkey. So far NOBODY has mixed up the two. In comparison, tap water smells like an over chlorinated swimming pool! Then there’s the taste test. There’s not much that beats the taste of a good healthy glass of water. As far as we’re concerned, the only better source of water would be from a natural spring (which you can locate using this website if you’re interested:

Scott Miller is the founder of Conscious Water, a distributer of the Berkey in Canada. Scott was extremely helpful in providing us with all the information we needed. We have also recently made a large purchase of 10 more Berkeys for family and clients who are also conscious of their health and understand the importance of drinking healthy water. If you’ve been wondering about water filtration, wonder no further and give Scott a shout. We’re pretty sure you’ll be happy you did.

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