Did you see us on Global News?


Susan Hay from Global News contacted us a couple of weeks ago after hearing about the exciting things we do here at Aim2Walk. Our clinic specialises in neurological rehabilitation and we just so happen to have some pretty cool robotics to help with physiotherapy.

One piece of technology in particular includes the Lokomat, a robotic walking machine. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds! Literally, the robot moves your legs for you!

Susan came to the clinic about two weeks before the segment aired along with intern Haley and a camera man. The clinic was buzzing with excitement and all our clients and therapists were looking and feeling in top form.  Susan and her team were incredibly sweet, hardworking and kind. She featured one of our amazing clients’ Taylor Lindsay-Noel and at one point Susan even had tears listening to the tragic story of Taylors’ accident.

In case you haven’t seen the clip, you can click the link below to view it.


CQkZMsTUYAA2z3sSusan and her team did a phenomenal job presenting Aim2Walk and what we do. She summed it up well at the end of the segment: “there are no miracles here, just sheer determination and support from some good people to make the impossible, possible!”

Thank you Global and Susan Hay for the experience and for the positive publicity. Our phone has been ringing off the hook with possible new clients that we can’t wait to welcome and support!

Global, you are also welcome, anytime!

Michelle Wolfe

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