Adaptive Halloween Costumes

One more sleep till the spookiest night of the year, Halloween! Most trick or treaters will already have their costumes picked out and empty bags ready to be filled with sugary treats. The creativity of costumes seems to get better and better each year including a young boy’s from Vancouver, BC. Four year old Jackson Pool has trouble walking due to Cerebral Palsy.  Each year his creative parents have designed a costume that allows Jackson to enjoy Halloween just like any other child.  Take a look at his story below.

Click here to see Jackson’s halloween costumes. 


We would love to see your creative halloween costumes using wheelchairs or other walking aids.  Please post below and share your pictures of your adaptive costumes.

Trick or Treat!!

Michelle Wolfe

Workout so you too can have a kicking bod like Zach Anner!

Todays blog is about a comedian YouTuber Zach Anner. Zach has a weekly workout YouTube video as well as his own book titled, “If at Birth you don’t Succeed.” Zach was born with Cerebral Palsy, yet his sense of humour shines past any disability he may have. Along with his “Positive Forward Thinking Attitude,” he often makes fun of himself and his physical challenges.

If you haven’t had the privilege of watching his shows, I would strongly encourage you to do so. You will not be disappointed as he is sure to make any horrible day seem less of a struggle. (I can’t stop laughing, he’s hilarious!!)

Subscribe to Zachs YouTube Channel,
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and if you’re feeling confident, send him a workout video to try also.

As Zach would say, “Remember, you’re great just the way you are!”

Michelle Wolfe

Mobility and Multiple Sclerosis

An information session will be taking place this Saturday, October 24th, to inform all about symptoms affecting mobility in MS, aids that can improve mobility and treatments for managing mobility and MS.

Featuring Dr. Melanie Ursell, Aim2Walk and Neurochangers.

Dr. Melanie Ursell is a neurologist practicing in Bracebridge Ontario. Dr. Ursell is also an assistant professor at the Northern Ontario School Of Medicine and consulting Neurologist, South Muskoka Medical Centre.

Overview of Dr. Ursell’s presentation: Does mobility matter to you? When do mobility issues arise? How is your mobility assessed in the office? What symptoms can contribute to poor walking ability, and how can we manage these to improve walking? What additional treatment strategies can be used to manage mobility? Is there medication that can directly assist mobility?

Matt Sanchez and Jesse Lown from Aim2Walk and Neurochangers will be presenting on the latest Physiotherapy techniques to address functional loss for individuals with multiple sclerosis. Current research supports the use of exercise therapy for many MS-related symptoms as well as the use of certain forms of technology. Matt will demonstrate an exercise program as well as bring in examples of rehabilitation technology currently available for home use or clinics in Ontario.
MobilityFlyer Oct 24th

Register using this link or contact Angela at or 416-967-3034.

This MS event is being held by the York Region MS Chapter (which was called York South Chapter in the past.) Our clinic has been involved with this chapter for many events and we continue to support each other.  If you would like to learn more about this amazing group of individuals please take a look at a previous blog I posted called “Do you know where your money goes when you Donate?”

Michelle Wolfe