Every Body Fitness is Back for October!

Every Body Fitness is back at Aim2Walk this October with two new classes.  Tuesdays class is inspired by Latin International dance rhythms and is sure to make you feel like you are dancing on a beach in the Caribbean. Thursdays QiGong class has more of a relaxation feel with meditative static postures and various self massage techniques. Each class is different yet effective for a whole body workout.

We have kept our classes at a low price of $20 for 5 classes to encourage everyone to join in. Please tell your friends and family to join you as this will be a class for all body types.  See the descriptions below for more details of each class.

We look forward to seeing you in October.


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Michelle Wolfe

Please call 416-679-9255 to join.
Visit www.Aim2Walk.ca to learn more about our clinic.

Aim2Muck MS


Who wants to get dirty? The MUCK MS is happening Saturday, September 26 and Aim2Walk has signed up a daring team. Merilena Carinci is the team leader and she and her entire family are looking forward to getting muddy all the while supporting an important cause. Aim2Walks therapist Michelle Teves will be representing the clinic. Her and the Carinci’s will be climbing walls, crawling through mud and running up hills this Saturday. They are happy to include more participants and donations are always accepted.

Please visit here to make a donation (or if you’re up for the challenge, join the Aim2Muck team!)

Stay tuned for some muddy pictures.

Have you seen our pictures from last weeks event SCI Ontario Wheelchair Relay? Click here incase you missed it.

Michelle Wolfe

Wheelchair Wheelies

A great big THANK YOU to all the supporters for our Aim2Walk SCI of Ontario Relay event.

It was an amazing day on Sunday, September 20th for many to enjoy. The event included a wheelchair relay for both wheelchair users and able bodies. The day was full of excitement and laughter as we all made our way around the track.

I remember requesting a few people on the sidelines if they wouldn’t mind pushing me for part of the way because it was a lot more challenging then I had anticipated. I always believed pushing a wheelchair wasn’t going to be much of a challenge, however; the burning in my arms was telling me different.

We were showered with free gifts, lots of food, wheelchair dancers and so many amazing people getting together for an important cause. I can’t wait for next year!!

Take some time to enjoy the photos!

Michelle Wolfe