The Aim2Walk Team is Looking Sharp!


Dealing with a neurological disorder such as Spinal Cord Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke or any other issue often requires years of therapy and rehabilitation. Many times, it will be a life long journey. At Aim2Walk, we see this time and time again, we have clients who are with us for life and others who visit us on and off throughout their journey. We pride ourselves in having a “family” type feel at the clinic to make the journey a bit more enjoyable and fun. We have art work from various Torontonians to make our walls look more “homey” and we try to celebrate birthdays and major holidays with everyone. Our family is compiled of hard working clients, dedicated family members and support workers and a powerful team of therapists.

Our Aim2Walk Team works as one and what better way to feel like a team then to have matching uniforms. We have recently purchased new matching Aim2Walk shirts to make our team look really kick-butt. With help from friends of mine at Black Toe Running and a sharp design from our very own Jesse Lown, our shirts are comfy, classy and make our team complete.
We love our shirts, what does everyone else think?? Due to recent compliments and requests from others, we may be ordering more t-shirts for others to purchase. If you’re interested, let us know colour preference and style and you too could look as sleek as our Aim2Walk Team.


Thanks again Black Toe Running for our Nike shirts. We’re so pleased and look forward to working with you to get more team gear!

Michelle Wolfe



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