Neurochangers at the ParaPan Am Games

boccia playerWith the Pan Am Games having come and gone here in Toronto, don’t feel bad if you’ve missed out on the excitement of attending a live sporting event featuring future Olympic stars for Canada and the rest of the Americas…you get a second chance! Starting Saturday, August 8, the ParaPan Am Games commence with over 1600 athletes in town, representing 28 countries, competing in 15 events (all of which are qualifiers for Rio 2016).

I am lucky to have been appointed as a Lead Medical Practitioner at the Abilities Centre in Whitby. The Abilities Centre will be hosting Boccia (similar to Bocce Ball, but with more strategy) and Judo. The Boccia players have already started their training here in Whitby, and let me tell you, this is not the Bocce Ball you play with your buddies while having some drinks. These athletes are intense and precise, and could beat me or you every time. I am very much looking forward to their competition starting Saturday August 8 (for tickets, come to the box office at the Abilities Centre or click here). Oh, and Canada has the number ranked player in the world – Marco Dispaltro – who also happens to be Canada’s Flag Bearer for the Opening Ceremonies on Friday August 7.

Watching these athletes compete is a reminder of the importance of physical activity, exercise, and therapy for people who use a wheelchair. No matter what an individual may have as a disability, one can always maximize their functional level…and the goal is almost never to get up out of the chair and walk. Aim2Walk and Neurochangers strive to maximize your potential with expertly guided and specialized training programs. Call us for more info (416-679-9255 or 905-449-4939).

If you’re going to be at the Abilities Centre this week or next, swing by the Medical Clinic and say hello!


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