Canada Kicks Butt in Pan Am Games!!!


A huge cheers and congratulations to Canada for ranking second in the standings for the Pan Am medals! With 217 medals, Canada’s team was strong and made our country very proud. From August 7-15, our ParaPan Am athletes will be competing for many more medals and we wish them all good luck!

Recently at Aim2Walk, we had our annual client appreciation day. ParaPan Am athlete Wes Vick attended our day and he demonstrated his technique and skills in his racing chair. Many of you were wondering when he was competing so I have attached his schedule below. I hope many people can make it out to the games to show their support for our talented athletes!

Good Luck Wes!!!


Each Race day starts at 3pm however I have included some of the specific times for most of his events.  Times are subject to change.

Tues, Aug 11, 15:47 – 800m Semi-Finals
Wed, Aug 12, 16:35 –  800m Final
Wed, Aug 12, 19:42 – 800m Medal Ceremony
Wed, Aug 12, 4x400m – Final
Thurs, Aug 13, 4x400m – Medal Ceremony
Thurs, Aug 13, 400m Semi-Finals
Fri, Aug 14, 20:14 400m Final
Fri, Aug 14, 21:11 400m Medal Ceremony

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