What’s your favorite gym equipment?

In the past year since Aim2Walk’s Neurochangers gym has opened, we have filled it with typical gym equipment such as cardio machines, weights and gym mats. As well as some adaptive interesting pieces which are designed more for our neurological cliental. If you’ve been to the clinic, you may have also seen our beautiful grand piano. Although it has always been a child hood dream of mine to have a grand piano, our therapists have decided it’s time to move the piano out and time to make room for a new piece of equipment which can be used more effectively with more of our clients. If you would like to take the piano off our hands, it is a pricy piece, however; it has many interesting features like playing music on it’s own. (Please call 416-679-9255 for more details if you are interested in purchasing the grand piano.)


So… our Aim2Walk therapists are actively raising money to purchase a few new pieces for our gym. We have a list of equipment which we would love to have yet we are still deciding what will be our first purchase. If you are a member of our Aim2Walk family and would like to have something specific added to the gym, we would love to hear your opinion and ideas. In the mean time, please help by giving a donation and you will receive this INCREDIBLY AMAZING and useful bag. Great for carrying groceries, gym clothes, I bet even Jesse would fit inside!

I’m really excited about our new flashy bags! There simple and sweet and I’m sure they will come very useful for many things. With a donation of $8 you will receive a free bag and a donation of $15 or more, you will receive two beautiful Aim2Walk/Neurochanger bags. Thank you to Peter Busciglio from Buisness to Buisness Network who created our sweet bags and of course our one and only Jesse Lown who designed the logo. Personally I think they look AMAZING!!!

Thanks for the donations in advance and please be sure to bring your bags everywhere you go to help promote Aim2Walk and Neurochangers.

Michelle Wolfe

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