Nike’s Flyease Technology Is Opening New Doors For Many With Disabilities.

55a3f9a51b0000f61027fed2For the average person, putting on shoes is a simple every day task, but for someone with a disability it can be nearly impossible. Matthew Walzer, is a college sophomore student who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Unfortunately Walzer is lacking dexterity in his hands which makes it difficult to do fine detail with his fingers such as pulling on his shoes and tying laces. Walzer wrote a letter to Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker, asking the company to develop an athletic shoe that does not require lacing. Parker and his team ran with the idea and have created a shoe with a “hinge like” back entry with a zipper.


This technology is the first of it’s kind and will be helpful for many who live with Cerebral Palsy, Stroke victims and many more! For Walzer and so many others, these Flyease Nike shoes gives them the independence they deserve.  This has hopefully opened the door to many more possibilities.

Michelle Wolfe

Aim2Walk Neurological Rehabilitation Centre

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