Knowledge is the Access to Opportunity and Advancement!


This past June, I ventured to the land of celebrities, rolling hills and sunshine. That’s right, Los Angeles, California. Although the beaches and sunshine are always calling my name, I was there more importantly to accompany a client of mine who travels to California for opportunity, knowledge and high intensity workouts. Last year I was also fortunate enough to join her in her adventure while she began her intensive training at Project Walk in Claremont. This neurological rehab clinic shares similar skills and knowledge of Aim2Walk, however they have different techniques and equipment. Again I was welcomed by the entire team to join in on the training and soak in some interesting therapy ideas. With their recent expansion, there was more room and useful pieces of equipment to have some fun with!

While talking with several clients and therapists, I noted their jealousy of Aim2Walks’ Robotic Walking Machine called “the Lokomat.” While they fantasized about our robotics, I was amazed over their simple yet extremely effective pieces of equipment. I learned that the majority of the clinics equipment imageswas donated, and many of their clients receive therapy paid for by a foundation called “Be Perfect”. This has my wheels turning: If they can get funding and find people interested in donating, why can’t we? Stay tuned for more details about this!

Both Project Walk and Aim2Walk are private neurological rehab facilities that strive to push their clients to achieve the impossible. Seeing and learning some of their skills was extremely rewarding and powerful. All and all, it was a fantastic experience which taught me many skills that I’m so happy to bring back to Toronto. Now I just need some funds to purchase new pieces of equipment which would benefit both our clients and therapists. Would anyone like to donate to my equipment fund??

I’d like to thank all the therapists at Project Walk who took time to show me all the tricks of their trade and discuss ideas of new ways to challenge clients. You have inspired, motivated and excited me about the future of our clients and Aim2Walk!

Michelle Wolfe

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