Let the games Begin!

In less then a week, athletes and spectators from all over the world will be coming to Toronto for the Pan Am/Parapan Am games. This is the worlds third largest international multi-sport games which means we can look forward to hov-sign-1-bilingualhigh quality sports and entertainment, top notch competition, inspiration and of course… lots of traffic on our roads! In preparation for the games, the Toronto and surrounding cities who will be hosting the games have made necessary road changes such as the temporary high-occupancy lanes (HOV) lanes, traffic changes and traveling tips to avoid delays. With over 10,000 athletes and officials and many more spectators, it is sure to extend normal traveling time. Although the Pan Am Games run July 10-26 and the Parapan Am Games August 7-15, athletes and spectators will be arriving as early as June 30th.

Aim2Walk would like to remind our clients to make necessary changes with their travel times. Being late or missing an appointment due to traffic will be noted as a missed appointment. To avoid any disappointment, please take the appropriate measures to arrive on time.

Click the link below to see some of the travel changes during the Games.

Although I was not chosen to be a torchbearer (bummer!), I’m still looking forward to joining in the festivities and perhaps see a few sporting events. Click the link below to buy tickets for your favourite events.

Please remember to give yourself enough time for travel, be safe and keep your eyes on the road while driving!

Michelle Wolfe


E: info@Aim2Walk.ca
T: 416-679-9255

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