Client Progress: Jessie’s taking steps.

Last year I shared the story of Jessie (Gisella) Halkias, who is a survivor of a brain tumor. Although Jessie won the battle, she experienced extreme complications after receiving a very large dose of chemotherapy that left her paraplegic and unable to walk.

Jessie stayed strong and was determined that she would walk again. Unfortunately with all her medical needs, physiotherapy and all the help and time she needs from her family, it had caused a financial burden on her and her family.

Last year her family and friends hosted an event to help raise funds to support the Halkias family. The event was a great success and has eased some of the financial stress. It has also allowed her to continue coming to Aim2Walk for intensive therapy.

She has been coming to Aim2Walk for almost 2 years now and having great progress. When Jessie first came in, she had trouble even standing on her feet. She is now taking steps and getting much stronger. Jessie and her husband Tom both know how important on-going consistent therapy is to see the most results. Having the funds for this is very important and is another reason why we like to encourage our clients to seek help financially if they find it hard to cover the costs. If you don’t have your health… what do you have?

We have compiled a short video to show off Jessie’s newest progress. Enjoy!

Michelle Wolfe
T: 416- 679-9255


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