Adaptive Fashion

Time and time again, I’ve heard and seen the struggles with practical and fashion forward clothing for wheelchair users. The daily struggle to squeeze and pull and wiggle into tight clothing that often bunches in all the wrong spots is a challenge. Wouldn’t it be easier and more comfortable if fashion didn’t stray from “parachute pants” and over-sized hoodies from the GAP?

Izzy Camilleri is a Toronto based fashion designer who’s designed clothes for many famous stars such as Mark Wahlberg, Angelina Jolie, David Bowie, Jennifer Lopez, Daniel Radcliffe and Meryl Streep. Her gorgeous collections have featured in fashion magazines like Vogue and InStyle. After being asked to design a cape for a wheelchair user back in 2004, she has created a whole line of clothing that promises style and comfort for a seated body as apposed to a standing body.

IZ Adaptive Clothing Design features include:

– Pants cut to not ride down at the back, no bunching or digging into the stomach
– Waist band has hidden elastic at the back to provide all day comfort
– No back pockets and flattened seams
– Long coats are in an L-shape, longer in the front and shorter in the back
– Leather coats with two zippers, front and back
– Wrap skirts
– Open back pants which can be put on completely while seated for quick changes

My favourite piece is the Leather Jacket which zips from both the front and the back. I’ve personally tried putting a leather jacket on someone in a wheelchair  and let me tell you… it’s not easy!

See the website for more fashion.

Have you found a good clothing line which caters to those seated? Please comment below as we’d love to share your finds with others!

Michelle Wolfe

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