Do you know where your money goes when you donate?

In the past few years, I’ve seen and heard resistance from many people not wanting to support fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis.  For various reasons I’m sure, however; majority I’ve heard was due to the miss use of the funds and the lack of knowledge of what’s being done with the money. I have to admit, I felt the same, until I learned more about the York South Chapter.  Here I’ve seen the money used appropriately for many things, research, equipment funding, and most of all, client services.  A big thank you to Peter Busciglio, who is one of the main voices to this Chapter and has given so much of his time and dedication into making sure those MS clients get the help and funds they need.  Below is a lovely review of some of the Chapters fundraising events and if you care to know more about where the raised funds are being used, they are happy to explain.  Myself as well as both Matt and Jesse have been speakers at their educational seminars which I would highly recommend others to attend!

Michelle Wolfe, 

“Every day we learn something new, every day we grow and every day we embrace life”

2015 has brought many prosperous and exciting Changes to the “York South Chapter”. We have all united and have become a family, who shares the ups and downs living with Multiple Sclerosis.

In October 2015, the York south chapter launched A “WHEEL CHAIR DANCE” program. The founder Dr.Iris Kulbatski , had been running this for people with spinal cord injuries. We added the next component for all of disabilities, one being MS. It took off right and has created A huge buzz with social media and got a lot of news coverage. This revelation has brought so much happiness to both able and disabled. The thought of ballroom dancing with such elegance and poise while seated in a chair was unheard of. To see the smile and happiness beam through the members is so uplifting and that itself radiant’s ones mind and soul.

“COFFEE WITH A BUDDY” is another program that was introduced. As many of us, are all too familiar with, the overwhelming feeling of fear and uncertainty of living with MS. This is a very simple task of reaching out to people, listening, laughing, crying or simply being a friend, reassuring them that they are not alone.

Fund raising is a HUGE part of the York South Chapter. We stand together and work together to achieve a common goal for a great cause “MS” Just recently we had are annual carnation campaign to raise funds to put towards client services. It was extremely successful.

Rock'n Roll MS awayA major fund raiser we do is ‘’ROCK N ROLL MS AWAY’ This is a huge fundraiser that draws in a large crowd, with a LOVE for cars. all types, vintages, classic, sports cars. Many sponsorships, vendors and people who like to register their car(S) come out for a fun filled family day.

The York South Chapter has grown and surpassed many expectations. We no longer call it the “MS meeting” but rather it’s called “Achievement Seminar” that in itself speaks volumes. The seminar is held by all of our members. We each bring a thought, a poem, a story, a fear, a question and most importantly we bring our smiles and enjoyment of each other ……for that brief period we forget about the monster that lives inside of us…. Instead we focus friendships and love that embodies us.

This year the York South MS Chapter has delivered many education seminars covering Mental and physical healings, topics on exercise programs, nutrition and emotional healing. It is our philosophy the knowledge is power, we can’t prescribe drugs to our membership but we can hold out our hand and assure our members that we will all make it throughout the day in company and not alone !

In closing why do our members do what we do, the answer is simple there is not other choice but to move forward. The future is ours to shape and mold, the past is what we left behind and today is our choice to change tomorrow!

“Laughter is a dangerous tool, Smiles are endless and hugs are cherished”

If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved with the York South Chapter, please contact:

Michelle McRae


Peter Busciglio

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