Inside the life of Steve Lithgow and his family.

Living with a life changing illness or injury is very difficult, as is supporting/caring for someone with such illness or injury. At Aim2Walk, we see our clients an average of two hours twice a week. During their therapy, we push our clients to achieve the most they possibly can. In reality, the hard work by our clients and their supporters does not end at Aim2Walk. The everyday, every minute battle to heal and push oneself continues at home.

Last year, a student named Waverly Wyld helped out at the clinic and also worked for us for a short time. Waverly has a passion for photography and she has created a true work of art. She has captured some beautiful photographs of an Aim2Walk client at home. The photos show daily life for him and his wife after he was brutally attacked three years ago. I encourage you to have a look inside the life of Steve Lithgow and his family.

Wave Wyld Photo



Steve has also been trying to raise money to help pay for therapy. You can go to this site below to help Steve continue with his battle.

Go Fund Me

Michelle Wolfe

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  1. The lokomat is one amazing tool bring hope to many! Keep up the great work Aim2Walk. Wishing Steve Litgow and his family great success with his rehab! 🙂

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