Outside Looking In

Todays blog is written by a hard working student who has been with us at Aim2Walk for the past 6 weeks. Melissa Semeniuk, was studying at Durham College to become an Occupational therapy/Physiotherapy assistant.  Like many of our students, Melissa felt our clinic was a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and she learned more then expected.


IMG_8045We can be physiotherapists, massage therapists, rehab assistants, or in my case a student, but in the end we all have the same goal. To help.

Walking into Aim2Walk on my first day I was overwhelmed. So many fresh faces, so many new cases, and so much rehabilitation equipment I have never been exposed to. I started off on the outside looking into such a small closed window that over the past 6 weeks ended up opening into different sights everyday. A family full of such different health careers integrates with each other in such a complementing way. Every team member here has different ways to maximize a clients potential, weather it be physical or emotional. Sure, books and teachers can tell you all they want about how things should be done, but here ideas are bounced off each other, new things are created and its different then anything I’ve seen before.

These people aren’t just walking into a clinic for a session; they walk into a circle of friends. Clients know clients, the staff knows the wheel trans drivers, and everyone knows each other on personal levels that bring compassion into this clinic. Regardless of the clients story there is no better feeling in the world then to hear someone tell you that you have made a difference. While assisting the staff I have heard this so many times here, and that’s what drives me to continue in this field.

On a physical standpoint I have grown so much here. I have learned so many new techniques, new strategies, and new things a professor couldn’t tell you about. Being able to set someone up with a spinal cord injury on a lokomat (a robotic walking treadmill) and see their face light up while walking, to working with regulars in the gym, this setting has been life changing to me. School can only teach you so much, but this place…this place teaches you so much more then I could have imagined in a student placement. Never have I seen so many out of the box techniques and strategies that works so well.

Regardless if your staff, clients, or students the room for growth in this clinic has been amazing, and its only getting better.

Melissa Semeniuk

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