‘Ding Ding’! Veterans in the Ring

Vetrans in the ringWe’ve all had those days. The kind of day where you just wanted to punch something. Whether you interest is getting fit, unloading some stress, or just playing around for the sport of it, boxing is an all round therapeutic release that offers a ton of bang for your buck. In fact, we are so convinced of boxing’s value in therapy that we made it a significant part of our rehab program!

Boxing trainer and former strength and conditioning coach Mark Puttenvick, is the founder of a program called “Veterans in the Ring.” This non-profit program is bringing together Veterans of all ages and giving them an opportunity to experience boxing’s benefits with others who have been through similar traumatic incidences.

Mark first thought of starting this boxing program after watching a YouTube video posted by former amateur boxer Jason Van Veldhuysen volunteering at Aim2Walk. Jason’s work with our clients, some of who are in wheelchairs, inspired Mark to use his passion of boxing to help others. With the support of a few big names like Gleasons Gym, Mark gathered a few like-minded trainers willing to volunteer their time to the cause.

Vetrans shirtApril 2, 2015, a group of veterans in Brooklyn got together for their first session. It was a grand success! Mark told us that everyone is looking forward to continuing with the program, and as the program grows, there’s even talk of expanding into more cities!

We were honoured when Mark first contacted us to ask about how we’ve incorporated boxing into our therapy programs. Having our clinical work inspire someone to start a program like this is incredibly rewarding. 
Thanks for sharing your story with us Mark, and all the best with your boxing program.

See more about the Veterans in the Ring on twitter @Idecboxing

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    • All the best to you and your program Mark. We look forward to hearing more progress in the future. Keep inspiring!
      The Aim2Walk Team!

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