Victim of Brutal Attack Needs a Helping Hand

On December 1st, 2011, Steve Lithgow was the victim of a brutal attack. After many blows to his body, he had approximately 24 fractures to his head alone. He spent 15 months in hospital and requires ongoing therapy. He is fed through a feeding tube because he cannot swallow and he is unable to stand, walk and sit on his own.

Steve has been coming to Aim2Walk for almost a year now,  and he is achieving many gains with his standing, balance, walking and overall strength. Unfortunately, Aim2Walk is 2.5 hours away from his home, but his family drives him three times a week for therapy. His wife Cathy has lost her job and is committed to being his 24 hour caregiver.

Sadly no criminal compensation has been given to this family and justice has not been served to the person who committed the attack.

Steve and his family are kindly asking for any help with his therapy. Please see the link below and give generously to this kind family and help Steve receive the proper therapy he deserves after such a horrific incident.

Steve Lokomat

 Michelle Wolfe

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