Electrical Stimulation, it will Shock you with it’s Advancements!

Electrical Stimulation is being used in many different and interesting ways in our health care these days. If your heart stops beating, defibrillators are designed to shock your heart to stimulate it to continue beating. Electrical nerve stimulation has been used for years to relieve chronic pain in muscles. And recently deep brain stimulation is being used to help all sorts of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s.

Neurosurgeon Andres Lozano, is the chair of neurosurgery at the University of Toronto. Dr. Lozano has pioneered the use of deep brain stimulation by placing electrodes in almost any area of the brain and seeing incredible life changing results to many.

Take a look at his TedTalk below to see the electrical stimulation used on patients with parkinson’s, dystonia, depression and more.  He mentions using the brain stimulation to make people smarter… any one interested in trying it?

Michelle Wolfe

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