Double Amputee, Amy Purdy Drives Daytona 500 Pace Car

2014 Paralympic Winter Games - Day 7
Last year I wrote a blog about the inspiring snowboarding Olympian, double amputee, Amy Purdy. At the time, she was competing for the winning spot on the show, Dancing with the Stars. Her natural beauty and contagious smile hide the fact that she’s missing both her legs below the knee. When she was 19 years old, she had them both removed after contracting meningitis.

This weekend I was watching Oprah Winfreys show, Where Are They Now? It shows an update of some of her past guests and what they’re up to now. It made me think of a few of the people I’ve written about and I decided to take a peek on social media to see if they are up to anything fun. I wasn’t surprised to see that Amy was up to new exciting things. In fact, today, February 22, 2015,  Amy is the official Daytona 500 pace care driver. At noon ET, the race will begin and Amy will be leading the pack around the track. Stay tuned on Fox TV to see her drive.

You can see more of Amy’s adventures on her Instagram @amypurdygurl

Michelle Wolfe

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