LoveBot Robots Invasion

images-6Lovebot Robot is making it’s way around the world and it’s your turn to share the love! For the past couple of years, I’ve been seeing the robot make appearances at some of my favorite yoga studios and coffee shops, but I never really knew what the hype was all about. Finally I took the time to “google it,” and to learn more about this unique concrete robot. Have you seen the Lovebot around your city?

What is LoveBot? (discription straight from the website

Lovebot’s mission is to lovingly disrupt the robotic routines of humans and remind them that there is love in their cities and kindness around every corner. Lovebot reiterates the fact that we have the privilege of being human, where we are not restricted to programming. Even though many of us work like robots in this technologically-driven concrete jungle, we all have the capacity to share love and kindness with one another.

The Love Invasion began as a Toronto-based grassroots initiative, featuring the deployment of 100 hand-cast concrete Lovebot sculptures. Acting as a unique and meaningful social object in the paths of pedestrians, each Lovebot sculpture was dedicated to a person or group that performed a powerful act of kindness in their community. The purpose: to illuminate the kindness and compassion in our cities and, in turn, inspire more.

images-5Following years of dedication from Lovebot creator Matthew Del Degan along side his strong team of active volunteers and the ever-growing Lovebot community, Lovebot’s love and kindness movement continues to gain outstanding momentum! Lovebot stickers and posters are now displayed in locations around the world, made possible by Lovebot’s devoted and active leaders wishing to spread love. In addition, due to the recent success of the D.I.Y Lovebot crowd-funding campaign, the first ever Lovebot toy is soon to be released as a platform that Lovebot fans can customize and share with the intention to foster creativity and kindness in all of us.

By placing something meaningful and unique in people’s paths, Lovebot creates an impactful and uplifting experience.

So, get out there, find, create and share the love… Join the Love Invasion movement. Lovebot is out there waiting for you!

Lovebot is raising money for the Easter Seals Charity during this years Valentines week. Purchase a box of the 30 Lovebot Heart Cookies from various coffee shops around Toronto or email to find out where you can get them. The goal is to raise more than $3,000 which will go towards helping youth with disabilities. Enjoy a sweet treat and give back to others!

Michelle Wolfe

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