Are you still hurting after your Super Bowl party?

Unfortunately Pete Carroll’s terrible decision at last nights XLIX Super Bowl may have cost Seattle Seahawks the game. In that split second the Seahawks lost their opportunity to take back the lead of the game. Although some are saying it was one of the best games played in the Super Bowl, that play may be remembered as the worst play in Super Bowl history.

images-1Hopefully you made wiser choices with your Super Bowl food decisions and you’re not paying for it today. Chili, nachos, beer, poutine, pizza, are a few of the foods I found posted all over Instagram, as football fans allowed themselves to indulge in the greasy goodness while taking in the game. Although Katie Perry and Missy Elliott worked off enough calories with their energetic halftime show to be able to indulge in a few extra, the rest of us perhaps could have made better decisions to pass on the high calorie foods. I’ve taken some time to find some delicious finger foods from a few of my favourite “healthy” websites which you could try for next year. I know the Seahawks would agree that making the right decisions now may make all the difference in life tomorrow.

  1.  Elana’s Pantry has a paleo tortilla chip recipe that sounds delicious as well as  many other superbowl food favourites.
  2. Oh She Glows website has a colorful Veggie Kabob which is a great idea for our veggie lovers.
  3. MindBodyGreen posted about a few yummy ideas including a Roasted Carrot Rosemary Hummus, mmmmm, I love the dips!
  4. Against All Grains by Danielle Walker has a crab stuffed mushroom which looks delicious!

These happen to be my favourite sites to find healthy recipes. Having all these healthier options will hopefully allow you to make the best decisions today and give you the tools to make passes on any other “unhealthy” options.

Michelle Wolfe

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