Book Worm- How to be Healthy!

images-1New year resolutions often have something to do with making healthier lifestyle choices, involving food. At this time of year, there seems to be more books, blogs and TV shows that discuss how to eat healthier, how to loose 10 Ibs or how to get the perfect butt in the least amount of time. “How to be Healthy” by Dr. John Bergman is a short, simple read for everyone looking for simple, yet important changes in diet to improve overall health. This book has recently been passed through Aim2Walk therapists as a reference tool with developing a new protocol called “Integrated & Alternative Medicine Department” (more about this to come!)

Along with many healthy recipes, this book provides health ideas involving:

Sweeteners – use natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar and stay away from Aspartame and Saccharine.

Avoiding plastic wrap – the chemicals in the wrap can leach into your food.

Cooking less and eating raw more – cooking with heat over 118 degrees can kill the good enzymes in the food. What’s the point of eating leafy greens if you don’t get the full benefits from all the nutrients?

Healthy Oils – stay away from polyunsaturated oils like corn oil, soy oil and canola oil, and enjoy more saturated oils such as coconut, palm and ghee oil.

Staying away from GMO’s! (genetically modified organisms)

Did you know that the majority of our society is overweight while nutrient deficient? How is this possible when we eat so much? Perhaps it could be due to the chemical food colourings, preservatives, toxic fats and use of GMO foods in our diet. Many countries do not allow GMO’s in their food because of the long list of health issues caused by GM food consumption, including accelerated aging, compromised immune system, compromised liver, kidney, spleen, and gut function and infertility. These are just a few reasons why you should keep your hand out of the chip bag and make meals at home where you know what’s in the food you’re eating!
Dr. John Bergman also has a YouTube channel online with useful discussions on health, life and happiness. Take a peek at his newest “How to Set Goals for 2015.” Please take note that there is enough information about health out there that could make a person crazy, and I strongly advise you not to get too overwhelmed with all the ideas and info. Read what you can, ask questions and get involved in the investment of your optimal health!

Michelle Wolfe

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