This year I will…

This year I will…

  1. 9709577_origRide a unicorn
  2. Win 100 million dollars
  3. Fly to the moon
  4. Lose 50 Ibs in January

Why do so many of us make unrealistic and unattainable resolutions for the new year? Often, it is like wishing for magic to happen! Well, regardless, my 4 year old niece would be tickled pick if she had the opportunity to ride a unicorn.  Likely your new year resolutions are not as extreme as this; however, the majority of us do make lists of challenging and unrealistic “hopes and dreams” for the new year, rather than SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.
Lets start this year by being true to our abilities, and lets complete our resolutions by making realistic goals we can actually accomplish!

Last year the Aim2Walk team had some personal goals and resolutions for our clinic and therapists. Taking a look back at 2014, I am so proud to say we accomplished everything on our list!

Here are a few of our goals accomplished in 2014:
Jesse’s idea to build the “NeuroChangers Gym” now allows clients who are unable to afford the fees for high end technology, to train anytime at their leisure during open hours. 2-3 full time therapists work in the NeuroChangers Gym, creating personalized treatment plans and training our clients one-on-one.  NeuroChangers has allowed more clients to participate in their long term health management strategies, and it’s given the clinic a great ‘open concept’ facelift. Jesse had an idea and it has been a success!
Matt had another beautiful child this year and needed to start working a little closer to home (that’s four kids in total now… I wonder when it will be 5?). He had the idea to do house visits in his area and he has built a full clientele during his available days to work in the community. He looks forward to possibly dedicating more days to this, with the added bonus of not having to battle through Toronto’s 401 parking lot on his daily commute. If you are in the Durham area, and need a physio, please contact Matt at

Andrew took one for the team and volunteered to be the guinea pig for our Lokomat training day.

Andrew took one for the team and volunteered to be the guinea pig for our Lokomat training day.

This year we have also added to our team of therapists! With Matt concentrating his time on house visits, it was time to hire another clinic physiotherapist. Andrew Tri has joined our team and he’s fit right in with the rest of us silly people! You know, it’s not as easy as you think to find a dedicated professional who will dance and sing with clients.

Lindsay creating Lego monsters with Brydon.

Lindsay creating Lego monsters with Brydon.

Lindsay Simpson has also joined the team. We knew Lindsey was a sure fit when she floated through her school placement at Aim2Walk like a pro (and we really tried to break her, we really did).  Lindsay has been working as both a NeuroChangers Trainer as well as a NeuroProtocol Therapist.
We look forward to seeing what is in-store for the clinic, the team, and all of our clients in 2015!
Remember choose wisely when you choose your new years resolutions and really believe in yourself and your ability to follow through with your goals!
We sincerely wish all the best to all of our clients and readers in 2015. May this year bring you good health, happiness and love, to you and your families.

Michelle Wolfe

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