Turning No into Yes, One Step at A Time.


Bridging Bionics Foundation is teaming up with Able Bionics by allowing an individual to have three FREE days of neuro-rehabilitation therapy. This will include gait therapy training while using the Ekso bionic exoskeleton suit; daily use of the Erigo; FES biking on the RT300-SL; and aquatic therapy in a heated indoor pool. Able Bionics is located at 456 Boler Road London, Ontario, Canada N6K 2K7 (2 hours drive from Toronto, Canada or Niagara Falls)

To read rules and detailed info on how to apply, please see their facebook page by clicking here. Drawing will be on December 24th, 2014 so please apply now!

* Individuals must meet Able Bionics Bootcamp inclusion criteria.

If you have any issues with applying please don’t hesitate to ask us at Aim2Walk for help.

Michelle Wolfe 

One response

  1. I would love the chance to win this incredible chance to have this advanced training. It has been 3 years sense my injury, I have been in therapy ever sense. I work hard everyday to do my best in beating this horrible sentence. I was a full time fire fighter for 16 years and a father of three great kids. To say the least I was a very active man. I miss those days but use those reasons to fight every day. And to keep a positive attitude and believe one day I will stand and step again. Thanks for this opportunity.

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