2014 Holiday Party!

It’s hard to believe 2015 is only days away and what better way to celebrate the year then with a holiday party. The Aim2Walk Team rounded up the crew last weekend and enjoyed a few fun games, delicious food and a peaceful gift exchange.

A few highlights of the night include:

  1. Jesse’s team spirit as his team created the most beautiful holiday tree, all that was missing was a little holiday smile.
  2. Matts incredibly creative Oreo catapult which actually landed right into his mouth.
  3. Michelle’s Oreo challenge win against Megan (no violence was included… or was there?)
  4. Dorota’s outstanding spread of food, (the cabbage rolls were delicious!)
  5. The cheese cake… enough said!

One good thing with having the party at the clinic is that it’s big enough for the stragglers to sleep over and I heard Dickson had some wicked bed head in the am when the clients started to roll in. By far it was one of the best holiday parties yet and we’re already looking forward to the shenanigans of next years celebrations. Check out the pictures from this years holiday party!

Happy holidays, Love The Aim2Walk Team!

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