Help a Young Wrestler to Keep Moving!

IMG_5261Fabio Salituro was a young man with dreams and goals. These dreams and goals came to a halt on October 10, 2006, when Fabio was rushed to the hospital after passing out due to a slow bleed in his brain. He suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. To this day his parents are still unsure of what actually happened to cause the bleed, though it’s suspected a few days previous he had hit his head while wrestling in gym class. 
Although Fabio is fully dependent on others to care for him, he is able to communicate. He laughs, cries, and sometimes even sings! (well actually, he hums along to the songs he likes). His parents are persistent in trying new and innovative therapies and are dedicated to help their son recover to the best of his ability. Fabio is currently receiving therapy at Aim2Walk.

Long term therapy is expensive, and Fabio needs your help. His family is hoping to raise enough money to purchase a Quadriciser (a motorized therapy system) which can dramatically aid in muscle function. See this link below and if possible, please help Fabio and his parents raise the money needed. If the money is raised, we’ll convince Fabio to hum a thank you song and post it on youtube!

Thanks for reading.

Help Fabio Raise Funds For Medical Equipment

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