Aim2Walk Client Progress: Naresh Gupta C5 Complete SCI

December 18, 2012, Naresh Gupta was in a serious work truck accident. He suffered a C5 complete spinal cord injury. This has left him bound to a wheelchair without the use of his legs and limited use of his arms and hands. July 9, 2014 Naresh started therapy with us at Aim2Walk. Naresh comes to the clinic four days a week for one hour as well he uses our Neurochangers gym before or after his hour session. Naresh has been a dedicated, hard working client and it shows with his progress. Already with less then 4 months with us and he’s able to hold his head up without a struggle, his hand grip has improved and he has noticed more feeling down his back. We’ve been working to improve his core strength with intensive one on one muscle training as well as walking on the  Lokomat, to help relearn a proper walking pattern.

This video below gives you an idea of some of the training Naresh does while at Aim2Walk.

Michelle Wolfe

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