Michelle’s Sweet Potato Hash

Sunday morning brunch is my favorite meal shared with family. After a long hard work week and possibly a late night Saturday, Sundays are often the day to sleep in and enjoy a late breakfast, early lunch, AKA: Brunch.

What’s on your brunch menu? My family usually sticks to the same thing each week, scrabbled eggs, english muffins, bacon and hashbrowns from a bag. Although I’ve tempted in the past to make something more “healthy” or different, we always end up resorting to the originals. However… my newest recipe “Sweet Potato Hash” may be a winner. Although my family finds the bag of hashbrowns much easier and quicker to cook, I have found grating the potato makes it just as quick and easy (and packed with more nutrients too). Mmm I’m already looking forward to tomorrow morning.

HashSweet Potato Hash


2 large sweet potatos

1/2 spanish onion chopped to your liking

1 1/2tbsp italian mix spices (or your favorite herb mix)

2 pinches red pepper flakes (optional if you don’t like it hot)

pepper and salt to taste

2tbsp grapeseed oil or butter


Heat up frying pan on medium with grapeseed oil. Wash the potatoes and grate with skins on. Add all ingredients to the pan. Flip/stir frequently and cook till potato is slightly crispy and brown.

(serves 4)


Michelle Wolfe

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