Michelle’s Grain Free Banana Pancakes

One of my fondest memories growing up was baking and cooking with my mom in my old farm house. My siblings and I always faught over who got to stir and I can still remember the smell of some of my favourite dishes. As I got older, I continued my love of cooking and I started to take over the reigns of the kitchen. When I had friends over, they enjoyed sitting back and relaxing while I worked away at my creations. I’ve never been one to follow a recipe exactly.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve experimented with different diets, food fads and studied food-based irritations and allergies. It seems as though, when you’re eating something you feel is healthy, the next person is telling you it’s bad and although the idea of “healthy” is always changing, I do believe I am eating extremely healthier than I did 20 years ago.

Being the social media director for Aim2Walk, I have decided it’s the perfect opportunity to share my food creations with those looking for “healthier” options. I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas and knowledge with my readers and open to feedback if you’re experimenting along with me.

So… here we go, with my first recipe.

Last week I was chatting with a client who has recently changed her eating habits.  She has limited mobility and limited time in the mornings before therapy so it’s hard to get in a healthy breakfast.  She was more then excited to try my grain free pancakes. She found, not only were they easy and tasty, they were just as good as left overs.  A great snack prepared the night before!


bananaBanana Grain Free Pancakes


2 bananas (large)

3 eggs 

2tsp cinnamon (optional)

2tbsp almond butter (optional)

1/2 cup blueberries (frozen or fresh)

coconut oil or organic butter

maple syrup


1) Mash bananas in a bowl leaving a few small lumps. 

2) Add whipped eggs, cinnamon, almond butter, blueberries and stir together well. 

3) Heat frying pan on medium to low, grease with coconut oil or butter and cook pancakes as desired size. Flip once the bottom is firm and edges are browning. Continue cooking until cooked all the way through. 

4) Drizzle with maple syrup and enjoy! 

*The bananas already make these pancakes sweet  so if I don’t want the extra sugar with the maple syrup on top, I will save the almond butter and use it as the garnish. Mmm almond butter makes everything taste better!


Michelle Wolfe  


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