I was tossing and turning on yet another sleepless night when I decided to challenge myself and figure out what both Aim2walk and Neurochangers really mean.

At first I thought the name, Aim2walk, was cool and expressed our vision for success, but now after 4 years I am on the fence. The reason being is two-fold. The first is the rational version which was us complying with the regulators of health and wellness in Canada, where you are not supposed to say “You will walk”, we Aim2walk. Hmmmmmmmm.

The second is that we want to keep patient confidence high but within the boundaries of attainability and realism. GRIT is where the universe revolves around Aim2walk. So let me explain GRIT.

GRIT doesn’t require talent or brains, social intelligence, good looks, physical health or IQ. (Although the staff at Aim2walk are wicked smart) The definition of GRIT is Passion and Perseverance for very long term goals. GRIT is having stamina, living life like a marathon and not a sprint. To have GRIT you must have deep seated optimism with a willingness to delay gratification. We always maintained that if there is motivation it’s never too late, all components of GRIT. Unlike intelligence, GRIT is a trait you can acquire, it’s one you learn and teach.

The staff at Aim2walk has the GRIT I’m talking about. It’s infectious! Check out Aldo’s story to understand TRUE GRIT. I always believed and still do believe, that if you work hard and show real GRIT you would be successful. Praise that is earned goes a lot farther than praise that is just handed out. Preparing ourselves for the tough challenges builds character. GRIT is a sturdiness of character, revealed both in the improving and the proving. When you develop qualities including persistence, self-control, curiosity, consciousness, and self-confidence, we arm ourselves for the future. When a patient says I want to get better, they need to define what they want to do. We ask the question, what are you prepared to do to get there? Assess your habits, and ask yourself, what stops you? Frustration? Boredom? Switching Goals?

Do you only do what you’re good at? It’s not about blame, it’s about reprogramming your brain. We always strive to provide tough love and a methodical approach in critiquing a patient’s performance. This is the key. Patients need high level, insightful criticism, they need, and they want someone to look objectively and tell them what they themselves can’t see about how to improve. To succeed you need discipline, repetitive, unhurried, take care while not being too careful. We are talking about an optimism and growth mindset. Optimism trumps pessimism. Success requires the ability to not give up in the face of failure. In today’s society we rely increasingly on data and can predict so much, how does someone dream beyond what the data says? What does believing that things will turn out right have to do with making them turn out right? EVERYTHING!

The future in my eyes is that Aim2walk will eventually incorporate and instill the notion of “What’s your next step” and pound the idea that GRIT is a lifestyle and not just a phrase.

Just a thought


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