Bringing Magic Into Your Dance

You may have recently seen a blog I posted about wheelchair dancing in York Region. The first class has come and gone but don’t worry, your still welcome to try. Randy NcNeil had written a beautiful description of his experience in the class and I was more then happy to share it with my readers.  Before I could do so, I found he was having his article published.   Congratulations Randy, your words are more then convincing and you have even myself, an able body, interested in trying the wheelchair dancing. To read Randy’s article please click this link.


Dr. Iris Kulbatski is the director of  Wheel Dance, and looking to get more students to join in on the fun.  If you are a client at Aim2Walk or if you live in the Etobicoke area,  we are hoping to start a class at the Aim2Walk clinic. Visit or Facebook for lots of pictures and videos. Message me at or Iris at for more information on bringing some magic into your dance.

Michelle Wolfe



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