Aldo’s boot camp to recovery

IMG_3875Less than a year ago, Aldo Vercillo was told he may never walk again. This past week, Aldo and Physiotherapist Matt Sanchez sat down with satellite radio crew “What She Said” to talk about Aldo’s astounding recovery. He shares his experience of his accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down and how he was unsure if he would ever walk again. After doing his research, Aldo knew he wanted to attend Aim2Walk Neurological Rehabilitation Facility for his therapy. With the help of their outstanding therapy protocol and robotic technology, Aldo is already walking with a walker and continuing to see results each week. He explains that it’s not easy! He works out for several hours a day at Aim2Walks Neurochangers gym, pushing himself to achieve his goal of walking. Take a look at this link for more from their interview.


Michelle Wolfe

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