Wheelchair Ballroom Dance Class


Looking for something new to try?  

Wheel Dance is a dance class for individuals with ambulatory disabilities and their able bodied partners to learn both latin and ballroom dancing. Starting October 1, which means  only a few more days left for registration. The class takes place each Monday and Wednesday.  Bring a friend, a  lover  or a family member and enjoy a night out rolling across the dance floor. 
Wheel Dance Flyer

Let Us Come To You!

images-2The 2015 Farmers Almanac is out and it sounds like the snowmobilers are going to be very happy this year. The prediction is that the winter is going to be the T-Rex of all winters. Bigger, stronger and scarier (for all us snow haters.)

As the leaves begin to change and the days get shorter, it’s hard not to think about all those cold wintery nights ahead. Working at a rehabilitation centre, I tend to think about our clients (who are predominantly in wheelchairs) and how inconvenient the snow and wet weather is to get around. In the past, we have found at Aim2Walk that our clients prefer to stay indoors during these wintery days and off the snow covered streets.

We would like to remind all our clients and possible new clients that we do travel to you! Of course our therapists work full time at the clinic, however, several of our hardworking therapists will do house calls if you are unable to get to Aim2Walk. So if you find your chair lift is frozen or if your driver has become stuck in the 5 foot high snow drift in your driveway, please don’t hesitate to call the clinic and see if one of us can come to you! In the mean time, I I hope you enjoy today, the last day of summer, and lets keep positive that the snow will decide to stay away for a few more months!

Michelle Wolfe

What She (and He) Said on the Radio

Recently, Jennifer Wright and Aim2Walk’s clinical director Jesse Lown were interviewed by Christine Bentley and Sharon Caddy on SirusXM radio “What She Said.”

21 years ago, Jennifer was in a boating accident that broke her neck and left her paralyzed. She was told she’d never walk again. Jen is a fighter though, she beat the odds.

Not quite 21 years ago (but close), Jesse started his education in alternative medicine. Now he leads a diverse team of integrated neurological rehabilitation therapists who devote themselves to one of the most challenging areas of physical rehab.

There was a lot to be said in this interview. Personal challenges, industry challenges, public awareness, the future of rehabilitation…

We’d love for you to tune in and give it a listen. Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts/feedback in the comments below.