Out With The Old, In With The New!

The International Symbol of Access (ISA) or informally known as the International Wheelchair Symbol is a well recognized sign all over the world. It was designed in 1968 by Susanne Koefoed and was later modified by Karl Montan with simply adding a head to the person. Recently it has been up for discussion again about redesigning a new and improved ISA. Currently, the traditional symbol is more of a passive design of a white stick man and wheelchair on a blue background. Disability activists are suggesting that the current icon is focusing more on the wheelchair and not on the person. They would like to see the image changed to a more active and engaged person with disability. The new accessible icon was created by art student Sara Hendren and grafeity artist Brian Glenney. Together, they have been working with a group called the Accessible Icon Project and they hope this new logo will replace the old.

Which one do you prefer?

Which one do you prefer?

Several places in the world such as Italy have started to introduce the new logo. Were interested to hear what you think. Please comment below and tell us your opinion. Perhaps if there’s a large interest, we will change our wheelchair parking logo at Aim2Walk to the new and improved active design!

Michelle Wolfe


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