Having The Proper Tools For Recovery

A few months ago, I wrote about a 13 year old boy named Emmanuel Mavridakis who was paralyzed after being hit by a car. Emmanuels parents knew while he was recovering that he would need intensive therapy if he would ever hope to walk again. After finding information on the Lokomat, (a robotic walking device), they knew they needed to give their son the opportunity to use this revolutionary piece of technology. They found the Lokomat at Aim2Walk however it was six hours away from Montreal, in Toronto. Although the family has devoted their time to coming to Aim2Walk, it was necessary to raise the funds to get the machine for Emmanuels therapy in Montreal.

imageWe are happy to share that the Mavridakis family has successful raised enough funds through campaigns, and fundraising to buy a Lokomat for the Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre at Sainte-Justine hospital.  Now Emmanuel, and hundreds of other children, will have the opportunity to recover using the Lokomat.

Although we enjoy having Emmanuel at Aim2Walk, we are also very happy he will have the proper therapy he needs on a regular basis closer to home. Congratulations to Emmanuel and his parents, all the best, we wish you well!

Michelle Wolfe

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