Ice Bucket Challenge With A Surprise!

As of Wednesday, August 27, the ALS Association has received $94.3 million donations . Last year this time, they received a much smaller amount at $2.7 million. In Canada, alone, we have almost reached $10 million.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is a progressive neuromuscular disease in which nerve cells die and leave voluntary muscles paralyzed. Eighty percent of people with ALS die within two to five years of diagnosis, leaving them unable to breathe or swallow. The lack of funding for research and awareness has previously been limited for ALS possibly due to the short life span once diagnosed.

If you haven’t heard of the ice bucket challenge, you must have been living under a rock for the past couple weeks. The challenge to raise funds by dumping a bucket of ice over your head has went viral and millions are participating daily. Some are saying the challenge is lame and many people are making excuses, such as: those worried about the unnecessary use of water and/or unsure of where all the funding will go towards. I personally think the idea is an amazing way to get the ball rolling on finding a cure and getting the awareness out there about this incurable disease. Im sure a few days ago most of the population didn’t even know what ALS stood for.

Here at Aim2Walk, we deal with all sorts of neurological diseases so we were happy to take the challenge when we were nominated by Under Pressure Hyperbarics. Our very own artist Jesse Lown isn’t generally involved in “trends” so he was determined to make this challenge “original”. He did just that and you can see how he was surprised at how it all played out for him in this short video.

If you wish to donate please go to and feel free to dump some ice water on your head while your at it.

Here are a few other “original” videos of the ice bucket challenge.

Michelle Wolfe

Out With The Old, In With The New!

The International Symbol of Access (ISA) or informally known as the International Wheelchair Symbol is a well recognized sign all over the world. It was designed in 1968 by Susanne Koefoed and was later modified by Karl Montan with simply adding a head to the person. Recently it has been up for discussion again about redesigning a new and improved ISA. Currently, the traditional symbol is more of a passive design of a white stick man and wheelchair on a blue background. Disability activists are suggesting that the current icon is focusing more on the wheelchair and not on the person. They would like to see the image changed to a more active and engaged person with disability. The new accessible icon was created by art student Sara Hendren and grafeity artist Brian Glenney. Together, they have been working with a group called the Accessible Icon Project and they hope this new logo will replace the old.

Which one do you prefer?

Which one do you prefer?

Several places in the world such as Italy have started to introduce the new logo. Were interested to hear what you think. Please comment below and tell us your opinion. Perhaps if there’s a large interest, we will change our wheelchair parking logo at Aim2Walk to the new and improved active design!

Michelle Wolfe


Aim2Walk Mudders 2014

Have you ever ran/crawled up and down six ski hills in one day? Have you ever jumped into trenches over 6 feet deep with mud up to your waist and crawled out and over the other side. Have you ever crawled over 10 feet high walls or ran through electrical wires? Sounds pretty crazy to most; however, the Aim2Walk Mudders team did all of this and so much more, willingly, this past Sunday.


We had just as much fun making the shirts. Go Aim2Walk Mudders!

Pre Mud,  Don't we look tough?

Pre Mud, Don’t we look tough?

Toronto Tough Mudder was held on the ski hills of Mount St. Louis Moonstone and our team of eight, pushed and pulled through some of the most challenging and physically demanding obstacles. The teamwork from our own members and from random helpers was truly inspiring. Several of the obstacles are basically impossible on your own and you count on the helping hand of others. During the race, if you see an injured person, it is Tough Mudder rules to make an X with your arms until help arrives for the wounded warrior. Luckily for us, Regine’s boyfriend Todd joined the team. He had true team spirit as he carried Regine down a mountain after she injured her knee. After a quick rest and a few stretches, she was good to go again! No need for an X for the Aim2Walk Mudders! After submerging our entire bodies in a pool of ice water (literally, they poured bags of ice in as we jumped in) and swimming out the other end, Megan’s face changed to the colour of her shirt, bright pink. We had a few laughs as Dickson walked aimlessly several times while his glasses were caked with mud, leaving him blind and unsure of where the rest of the team was (don’t worry, we were always close by). Near the middle of the race, we jumped from a plank into a deep pit of water. Thank goodness this year they had lifeguards for safety. Michelle T. had no complaints although her ears were flooded and aching after she walked the plank and jumped into the pit. Then we have Mark, and boy oh boy does this guy have energy. He was keen to run up those mountains right up until the end of the 5 hour trek.

Five hours later and still looking strong.

Five hours later and still looking strong.

All in all, we survived. I know several of us (mainly myself) were a bit hesitant to try this intense physically demanding event; however, it was all worth it in the end. Matt, you encouraged us to sign up for Tough Mudder, and you kept us going all the way through. It was the best team bonding experience and it showed that we have a wicked team of Aim2Walk Mudders.

Although I’m not sure we will be putting our bodies through this again as soon as next year, we all said we’d try it again someday (this was while enjoying the beer at the end, so don’t quote me on this one).

What does being a Tough Mudder mean?

Being a Tough Mudder means putting others before yourself, especially those who risk their lives for the safety and freedom of our country. Get into the action by raising money for those service members who have returned home with the mental and physical wounds of war. Every donation supports the 19 free, diverse programs provided by Wound Warrior Project to assist injured veterans on the journey towards a successful civilian life.

Check out this video on Tough Mudder and about the Wounded Warrior Project.
Way to go Aim2Walk Mudders. We should all be very proud of completing Tough Mudder.

To see more photos go to

Michelle Wolfe


Matt the Mud Monster


After our first mud dive. (we have a few photo bombers)


Dickson, feeling blind with those muddy glasses.


Feeling strong! (And in desperate need of a shower!)To see more photos go to